Ingrid Boettcher de Lange
Europa Universität Viadrina Frankfurt (Oder)

The Europa-Universität Viadrina is a young and modern university, full of life thanks to its interdisciplinary and international profile and the wealth of cultural activities for the students. Forty percent of the students come from abroad and study side by side with German students and a high proportion of the teaching staff are foreign academics. Therefore the current problems of the German-Polish border region can be experienced at first hand. The University has a Modern Language Centre, a multimedia Self-Access Study Centre, a Jean Monnet Chair of European Law funded by the European Union.

Giampaolo Riccadonna and Andrea Riccadonna
Gap multimedia S.r.l

Gap multimedia is a private company (services) in the field of e-learning and Knowledge Management. Since 1996, it projects and implements communication, information-distribution and learning solutions for companies and pedagogical institutions.
After some experiences on e-learning (mainly focused on the production of cd-roms for Computer Based Training for companies, universities and professional schools), in 2000 Gap multimedia got involved into the new project Apriori that deals with online solutions.
Many Italian institutions trust Gap multimedia competencies. Among them, the Master Section of the University of Milan selected them for the ODL field to get technological services and multimedia productions. Especially relevant is its teaching role in European funded Masters (Social European Fund) for teachers' training in the field of development and management of e-learning projects.

Ingmar Söhrman
Göteborgs Universitet and

Göteborg university is a public university where most academic programmes are taught. It carries out research work in all the subjects taught. Göteborg Spanish Department has a long tradition in educational multimedia: they direct four distance courses in Spanish and Latin-American Civilization and several teachers have participated in seminars and training-courses on multimedia didactics for distance-courses.
Ingmar has dozens and dozens of publications in the field of Spanish and Scandinavian languages and civilization, culminating in his major current research projects: La subida de los clíticos infinitas en español contemporáneo; The gothic tradition - Scandinavian presence in medieval and renaissance Spanish Chronicles. Among his many committments he is responsible for developing distance courses in Spanish at Umeå University, member of the board for Swedish Teaching Abroad at the Swedish Institute and delegate to the International Committee for Balkan Linguistics
Marianne Molander and Marie Rose Blomgren actively collaborate to the project

David Mighetto
Högskolan i Skövde

The University of Skövde is one of the relatively new universities in Sweden, established in 1977. Courses and basic research is being carried out in six subjects: General and Computational Linguistics, English, French, German, Spanish and Swedish. The General and Computational Linguistics section has an inter-disciplinary orientation with joint courses and research in collaboration with other Departments, especially the Department of Computer Science. The Department of Languages has a well-equipped and modern laboratory with a PC network as well as speech and language analysis tools and infrastructure. Research and laboratory training are being carried out in Phonetics, Computational Linguistics, Speech and Language technology and Multimedia Applications.
David Mighetto's scientific interests and publications are within areas of corpus linguistics as well as applied linguistics, especially lexicology, course design and the teaching of foreign languages.
Well known are his online corpus SOL - Spanish Online [] and the Spanish commercial mailing course []. He has participated in several corpus linguistics and lexicology projects in Sweden publishing the Diccionario reverso and a lot of articles and books on Spanish linguistics which are listed at

Charalambos Vrasidas
IMCS Intercollege

Intercollege is the largest private tertiary education institution in Cyprus with some 150 full time faculty members in a variety of undergraduate and post-graduate programmes. Intercollege's degree programmes are accredited by the Cyprus Government, the NCA of USA and some European Accrediting Bodies.
The School of Education at Intercollege has extensive experience participating in EU funded projects. For example, they have recently received an EU grant to develop of a Digital Portfolio for primary and secondary school teachers. The task of a research group within the School of Education is now to carry on basic and applied research to contribute to the improvement of education and training through the effective use of learning technologies.
Charalambos Vrasidas presented more than 60 research papers at conferences around the world. Published extensively in scholarly refereed journals such as American Journal of distance education, International Journal of Instructional Media, International Journal of Educational Telecommunications, Journal of Technology and Teacher Education. Book editor for the book series Current Perspectives on Applied Information Technologies, published by Information Age publishing.
Niki Christodoulou, Alexis Petrou, Michalios Zembylas actively collaborate to the project

Javier de Santiago Guervós
Universidad de Salamanca

The University of Salamanca is one of the most ancient public university (funded in the XIII) in Europe. It has International courses which receive about 5,000 students every year from all the world and it is well specialised in language certification and the Spanish Language Department is responsible for the Diplomas - oficiales de español como lengua extranjera (DELE). The ECTS (the European Community Course Credit Transfer System) was started by the Commission of the European Community in order to provide common procedures to guarantee the academic recognition of studies taken in European countries other than one's own.
Javier de Santiago Guervós is professor at Faculty of Spanish Philology, coordinator of the Curso Superior de Filología Hispánica, director del Máster Universitario de español como lengua extranjera de la Universidad.
Marta García García actively collaborates to the project

Elena Landone and Cecilia Rizzardi
Università degli studi di Milano

The University of Milan is coordinating this project. It is a public university offering some 77 degree programmes. Within the Department of Foreign languages both basic and applied research is conducted in the field of teaching foreign languages (especially within the courses of English Language Teaching and Spanish Language Teaching). This research has implemented new ways to teach foreign languages, mainly through ICT. Many online courses have been implemented (see
Elena Landone and Maria Cecilia Rizzardi participated to many international conferences. Their research activities are mainly focused on Foreign Language Teaching (electronic cooperative groups and Cooperative Learning, collaborative electronic writing, input enhancement in language teaching, research methodology for educational technology, alternative evaluation and portfolios, action research and classroom observation, foreign language teacher training, syllabus design, corpus linguistics).
Luciana Pedrazzini, Maria del Rosario Uribe Mallarino, Susanna Zatta and Simona Magni actively collaborate to the project


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